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Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Underarm laser hair removal is the aesthetic treatment for unwanted armpit hair. For Individuals wanting a substitute for waxing or shaving armpit hair, laser underarm hair removal is an excellent method to get an extended result. The technique damages the armpit hair follicles, so they cannot generate new hairs for many weeks. Many people want to take up underarm laser hair removal, but they must be aware of the procedure, benefits, side effects, etc. 1 Overview | Researched based study from National Institutes of Health

Underarm laser hair removal is the aesthetic treatment for unwanted armpit hair. For Individuals wanting a substitute for waxing or shaving armpit hair, laser underarm hair removal is an excellent method to get an extended result.

The article will summarize Underarm laser hair removal, its procedure, benefits, adverse effects, precautions, cost, and some alternative treatments for underarm hair removal. This article will also clarify specific questions that people usually want to know about underarm laser hair removal.


Underarm Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Underarm laser hair removal procedures destroy the armpit hair follicles so they cannot produce unwanted armpit hair for a prolonged period. Some of the other benefits of the method are listed below-

  • New lighter shade hair
  • New smoother hair
  • Less armpit hair
  • Slow growth of new hair 2 Benefits | Researched based study from National Institutes of Health .

Duration for visible results

  • Individuals might observe thin, lesser armpit hairs post-laser underarm hair removal procedure.
  • There are different phases in a person’s hair growth, so it might require up to four to six sittings to get the preferred underarm hair effects.
  • Though most clinics advertise Underarm laser hair removal as a permanent method, it is not so, and individuals have to attend subsequent sittings to sustain a smooth armpit.
  • Generally, people need a second sitting of Underarm laser hair removal following the initial treatment after a period of half to one year 2 Benefits | Researched based study from National Institutes of Health .


Procedure for Underarm Laser Hair Removal

  • Initially, the expert will sanitize the armpit area and then cover the area with an anesthetic ointment to numb the pain
  • Then, they will provide the patient with protective eyeglasses before starting the procedure
  • The expert will then perform the procedure over the armpit area with a handheld device that emits light.
  • The light warms up the armpit hair follicles to the extent that they get destroyed and cannot produce new inches for an extended time.
  • The expert might administer a chilling ointment over the treated armpit area to diminish aches and associated adverse effects 3Procedure| Researched based study from National Institutes of Health .
  • The entire procedure is simple and requires only a few minutes. The expert might allow the patient to go to his residence the same day after treatment.
  • He might also advise the patient to give cold compresses to the treated area as required. However, in case of rigorous puffiness, the expert might advise the application of a steroid ointment

Side Effects

Underarm Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

One should always get the treatment for Underarm laser hair removal from a certified health professional or dermatologist (skin specialist) to diminish the risk of probable adverse effects. Some of the common side effects that people usually encounter are listed below-

  • Skin redness and warmth in the treated area
  • Soreness
  • Puffiness
  • Marks (in rare cases)
  • Momentary pigmentation (in some cases)

One experiencing momentary pigmentation sees light or dark marks on the treated area and must speak to the health provider for accurate treatment 4 Side Effects | Researched based study from National Institutes of Health .


Precautions for Underarm Laser Hair Removal

  • Like other aesthetic treatments, such as chemical peels, the laser hair removal technique might elevate the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight.
  • Although an individual’s underarms get less exposure to the sun compared to other body parts, one must put enough sun protection lotions on the treated area to avert adverse effects 4 Precautions | Researched based study from National Institutes of Health .

Is the method of laser Underarm hair removal painful?

  • Our underarm area is thin compared to skin in other body parts, so laser hair removal for the armpit is much more painful than laser hair removal in other parts.
  • The pain prevails for a short time, so individuals must talk to the doctor about their pain tolerance capacity before taking up a session of the procedure.
  • To make the procedure convenient for the patient, the health provider might apply the numbing gel before the start of the treatment.
  • The physician might also advise ice packs in the treated armpit area if required to alleviate any soreness post-treatment

Is Underarm laser hair removal permanent?

  • Underarm laser hair removal is not permanent and requires follow-up sessions to maintain the same effect.
  • However, the results are more enduring than other traditional methods of unwanted hair removal, viz, waxing and wet shaving.
  • Most people require around four to six sittings to get the preferred effect.

Is lasering underarms safe?

  • Yes, laser hair removal of armpits is a safe and efficient technique to eliminate unnecessary hair. Moreover, it does not injure the lymph nodes and sweat glands.
  • The hair follicles are apparently on the skin’s surface, while our lymph nodes and sweat glands are inside.
  • Lymph nodes are tissues containing white blood cells in the body areas viz; underarm, neck to combat infections.
  • The laser beam penetration is superficial, and it impacts only the hair follicles and does not reach the nodes and glands to cause any harm 8 Precautions | Researched based study from National Institutes of Health .

Laser Types

Best Laser Type for Underarm Laser Hair Removal

The health professionals perform the laser hair removal procedure with numerous laser types and will provide the patient with the most suitable one based on the following factors –

  • Security and efficiency for the armpit area
  • Underarm hair color
  • Underarm skin color
  • Armpit hair thickness

Individuals must always get the treatment from a health professional who is well acquainted with laser hair removal therapy for diverse complexion (skin color). Experts treat light complexion individuals with alexandrite or ruby lasers. On the other hand, they generally give less intense lasers for dark complexion people to diminish the color changes 5 Type of Laser | Researched based study from National Institutes of Health .

Underarm laser hair removal and whitening

  • The Underarm laser hair removal is suitable for people with deep dark patches on the armpit (pigmentation) and for whom other treatments do not work, viz; usual topical creams for skin lightening.
  • The laser beam disintegrates the skin’s melanin pigment, and the body’s natural system eliminates it over time in several successive sittings. Thus, underarm laser hair removal can cause skin whitening 6 Type of Laser | Researched based study from National Institutes of Health.


Frequently Asked Questions About Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Q. Is laser hair removal good for underarms?

  • Laser hair removal procedure is safe for most people. Still, one should always prefer to take up the treatment from an experienced dermatologist or health care professional to minimize the unfavorable effects.

Q. How many laser sessions for underarms?

  • The treatment sessions for underarms differ in different individuals.
  • It generally takes around six to eight treatment sittings with 42-day intervals between sessions to attack all the hair follicles at the precise stage of the hair growth phase and get the preferred underarm effects.

Q. Will laser remove dark underarms?

  • Yes, the laser can remove the dark underarms. Laser treatment decreases the skin’s compactness and gives a lighter shade to the armpit area.
  • Moreover, it also reduces the new hair growth in the treated area.

Q. Is it better to wax or laser underarm?

  • Laser underarm is a better treatment than waxing for eliminating unwanted hair.
  • The therapy is enduring and lasts for four to six months, unlike traditional waxing, which lasts only 30 days.
  • Laser underarms eradicate the hair follicle; thus, hair ingrowth is less likely than waxing.
  • Ingrowth hair is the hair that grows inside the skin instead of coming up. It usually occurs after waxing or wet shaving 7FAQS| Researched based study from National Institutes of Health .


Alternative Treatments for Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Although the underarm laser hair removal treatment gives a durable result, it might only suit some due to the probable adverse effects and the treatment charge. Some other armpit hair removal treatments are listed below-

Wet shaving

  • Wet shaving is the simplest way to maintain a hair-free armpit
  • While shaving the armpit, one can use shaving gels to diminish the chances of burning sensations and accidental cuts.
  • Although shaving is cheap, one must shave the armpits daily to maintain the same hair-free effect.


  • Waxing eliminates hairs from the roots using warmed-up wax.
  • Although waxing lasts longer than shaving, an individual might encounter specific adverse effects, viz., skin redness, soreness, and puffiness in the treated area.

Depilatory creams

  • Depilatory creams are hair removal ointments or lotions containing thioglycolic acid.
  • It is a painless procedure of removing hair from the surface.
  • Applying the cream on the unwanted hair for a few minutes and washing it gives a clean, hair-free area.
  • The possible adverse effects of the treatment are a burning sensation and pimples in the affected area, so people with sensitive skin must avoid using the depilatory creams.


  • Electrolysis is a hair removal procedure by a health expert or skin specialist. The process destroys hair growth by sliding a device over the skin.
  • The method uses radio frequencies that are not agonizing. Yet, it is costly and has adverse effects such as puffiness and discomfort 9 Alternative Treatments | Researched based study from National Institutes of Health .


Underarm Laser Hair Removal for Enduring Result

  • The underarm laser hair removal gives an enduring result than other hair removal procedures viz; waxing and wet shaving.
  • The underarm laser hair removal momentarily destroys the hair follicles and averts the growth of new hairs for several weeks. Yet, to get the preferred results, one needs to go for several sittings for the treatment.
  • Underarm laser hair removal is more expensive than regular home treatments for unwanted hair.
  • One interested in Underarm laser hair removal therapy must get it done by an experienced healthcare provider to minimize the possible adverse effects.
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