Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Ageing process work?
  • Biological changes
  • Cellular level changes
  • Organ level changes
  • Bone changes
  • Vision and hearing changes
  • Changes on skin
What are the Age-related cognitive decline and psychological changes?

Changes in memory: Memory loss, as well as a general slowdown in mental working speed.

Changes in language and communication: Aging can also impact language and communication. Some people may find it more difficult to solve complex problems or make tough choices.

Emotional changes: Long-term health problems, social seclusion, and alterations in brain chemistry.

Social changes: Older people must find ways to stay active in their communities through volunteer work, a pastime, or social activities.

What are the challenges of Aging?

Health challenges:

  • Chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are more common.
  • Immune system decline.

Financial challenges:

  • Financial difficulties are a significant worry for older people, especially those who haven’t saved enough for retirement.
  • An individual’s mental and physical health, social connections, and financial security may all be impacted by retirement.

Social challenges:

  • A person’s physical well-being can be impacted by social isolation, which increases the chance of chronic illness, disability, and mortality.



How to manage Aging?

Lifestyle Management: Exercise, Skincare, Limit alcohol, Optimum sleep, Nutrition.

Medical Management: Medication, Surgery.

Psychosocial Management: Support, Therapy.


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